Let Us Create Magic Through FPV Cinema and FPV One Shot!

Creating Magic with FPV

FPV gives you a perspective like no other. just imagine seeing your world through the eyes of a bird. Whether it’s FPV Cinematic footage you want or a unique FPV (one shot) fly though of your business, Big Water UAV Solutions is here to deliver. An FAA Certified Pilot who has the experience and knowledge to bring you the best in FPV Cinema and FPV One Shot. Let us create magic through FPV.

What can FPV do for your Resort, Business or Golf Course?

Apostle Highland Golf Course Bayfield WI

Buttery Smooth

FPV Cinema is made for Golf Course and Resort marketing. Unlike a camera drone, the FPV Quad can mimic the flight of the ball. It can roll, yaw and pitch seamlessly. It draws the viewer in with a true “Flyover”

What is FPV?

FPV Cinema (first person view) is a term that’s used to describe a FPV Quad (Drone) used for acquiring Cinematic Video. The FPV Quad moves in a unique way. It flys and controls just like and airplane. A camera drone, even with the best pilot, can not mimic the moves a FPV quad can make.

Lake Superior Ice Road Connecting Madeline Island and Bayfield, WI

Fun Fact! Aerial Shots in Movies and Sports are now typically made with FPV Quads.

Big Bay Town Park on Madeline Island, Lake Superior

FPV Cinema video will help market your Resort, Business or Golf Course with a perspective you just can’t get anywhere else!

Creating Magic With FPV!

Expert video editing is included!

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